You don't have to learn the hard way...

BonConcilio is a management consultancy company with a passion for business and organisational developement, for CSR, corporate social responsibility - and for China. 

We believe in delivering nothing but true excellency in whatever task we undertake. We will accept a task regardless how difficult it might seem - but we will never accept a task unless we are confident that we can deliver value for money.

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You might not like what we tell you - but you can trust that the advice you get from us is our frank and honest opinion. If there seems no better viable option we will not hesitate to suggest you to terminate your project - regardless that this might also terminate our cooperation. 


We are practioners who have proven our worth by achieving real results in real private companies. We have ourselves learned the hard way. That is why we in a credible way can guide you to avoid the many potential pitfals on the paths that we have walked before you.


We are pragmatists giving you sound operational advice which can be implemented by you or in cooperation with us. You can trust that we do not leave you until the mission is completed to your satisfaction...


BonConcilio is Latin and means 'good advice'. BonConcilio was founded by Gunnar Liland Thomsen who at the time of the foundation had more than twenty years of managerial experience and had for more than ten years worked with Asia, particularly in organisational development, sourcing and business development in China.