The UK Bribery Act

Did you know that the UK Bribery Act introduced in July 2011 incriminate all companies involved in corruption regardless of where in the world the act is comitted?!

 You might think 'that is not relevant for me' - and you are right. If you do not have a 'business presense' in UK - which most international companies have one way or another: distributors, own representations, etc.

If you have a business precense in UK - and your Chinese operation (distributor, own representation, etc.) is involved in corruption, facilitation payment, etc. - then you are subject to the Bribery Act - which is the toughest legislation in this field that the world yet has seen.

We can guide you in the 'six guiding principles' of the Act and we can help you implement 'adequate procedures'. That does not take you home safe - only correct behaviour of your employees and business partners does. But it minimises the risk that you will get convicted if you are not seen as having been 'failing to prevent bribery'.